About Greentag Resources Sdn Bhd/Greentag Solution Resources

Greentag Resources Sdn Bhd and Greentag Solution Resources are management consulting firms advising companies on issues related to Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), crisis & risk management and offers a full spectrum of Q-EHS & risk consulting services.

Greentag has established a reputation as provider of high value Q-EHS and crisis consulting services to private and public sector clients.

Our method of delivering services through experiences of our Team Members allow us to handle routine though highly specialized consulting needs for our clients. We have several comprehensive integrated programs that are customized to every business need. Our main services and products includes:

1. ISO14001Training and Consultancy Services
2. OHSAS18001/MS1722 Training and Consultancy Services
3. ISO14040 - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
4. ISO14020 - Ecolabel and Design for Environment(DfE)
5. ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 Software (www.greentagpro.com)
6. Scheduled waste management - DOE licensed recovery
7. Root cause analysis and PDCA
8. Crisis and risk management
9. Carbon fixation/Carbon stock value
10. Supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

11. ISO9001 training and consultancy services

Our ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Software

A comprehensive software as solution for your Environment, Health and Safety Management System. It comprises of procedures, interpretation of standard and database for every single element of system including the identification and assessment of environmental aspect and hazard and can be customized based on customer's needs. The simplified interpretation of ISO 14001 standard can be used as a tool or guidelines for self training among the ISO 14001 working committee.

Training and awareness are important components of an ISO 14001 EMS. They are key tools for implementing a system that will help an organization improve its environmental performance (Boiral and Sala 1998, Green and LaFontaine 1996, Kirby [1997], Kirkland and Thompson 1995, Quigley 1997).

This is the computer software you need as an efficient tool for ISO 14001 & OHSAS18001 development and implementation stage. Visit http://www.greentagpro.com/ and call us for your password today.

Our Training Modules

1. Interpretation of ISO14001 standard
2. Interpretation of OHSAS18001/MS1722 standard
3. Environmental Rules and Regulations
4. OSH Rules and Regulations
5. Environmental Aspect and Impact
6. Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control
7. Development of ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 documents
8. Scheduled Waste Management
9. ISO14001/OHSAS18001 Audit Techniques
10. Accident Investigation and Reporting
11. Emergency Response and Planning
12. Safety in the Use of Chemicals
13. Effective Safety and Health Committee
14. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
15. Ecolabel and Design for Environment (DfE)
16. Green Procurement
17. Interpretation of ISO9001:2008
18. ISO9001 audit technique
19. Permit to work (PTW) systems
20. Root cause analysis (RCA) - FTA, ETA, FMEA, SWIFT, force field analysis etc
21. Train the trainer (TTT) programs

Our Team

Hj Ismail Mohd Amin

Marketing Director

Tel: 012-6359227 Email: ismail@greentagpro.com

Dr. Iskandar Zulkarnain

Bsc(Hons), Msc, Ph.D

Principal Consultant

Tel: 016-3373700 Email: iskandar@greentagpro.com

Mohamad Azlan Ishak

BSc(Hons), Msc


Tel: 019-6526990 Email: azlan@greentagpro.com